Why choose Aubotic?

Aubotic have an automation teams with diverse experience from machine design, software programming, integration of various automation equipment / devices.

Aubotic have strong partnerships with technology leaders and supporting partners.

Aubotic integrate our diverse know-how and our technology leader’s product into customised system/machine for your automation needs.

Aubotic provide maintenance support for your automation system/machine

Aubotic Services

Consultation and support proof of Concept to your robotic automation needs.

Design and development of customized robotic automation systems / machines

PLC / PC software programming for data acquisition

Preventive maintenance / technical support for your automation system / collaborative robot

We are a team of professions with a passion in automation and robotic application. A team with different expertise from machine design, integration of vision system to various robots application.

We believe in collaborating with key technology leaders and supporting partners so as to provide you an optimum and reliable solution for your robotic automation at a competitive prices.

No project is too small or too complicated. With our team of more than 20 years of automation solution and project management experience, we will walk together with you on your robotic automation road map.


We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers